I believe blockchain technology (“Blockchain”) has the greatest ability to bring more of the world’s population out of poverty than any innovation we’ve seen in recent history.

Credit: Thales DIS

Blockchain enables the digital transfer of assets and ownership in a completely decentralized and transparent manner. One of the biggest misconceptions about Blockchain is that its sole application is to facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency assets, making it seem like just another payment technology.

Democratizing education to improve poverty outcomes

The lovely students at Dream Elementary School in Livingstone, Zambia.

I believe the most effective way to improve poverty in developing nations is to democratize access to quality education for children. This belief is based on my experiences as a volunteer teacher in Zambia and South Africa where I noticed several inefficiencies in the delivery of education and the resounding impact it leaves on children and their communities. Governments in many developing nations have privatized education and the schools that do remain tuition-free have classrooms that are overflowing and understaffed, which leads to inconsistencies in the quality and delivery of educational content. …

Dharane Shanmuganathan

Inspired by art, passionate about people, curious to learn more. Management Consultant with an interest in technology.

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